JAMS joins IMI

The Hague – New York, December 21, 2012

JAMS The Resolution Experts, one of the world’s largest providers of dispute resolution services, has joined IMI as a funding Platinum Patron. Ms Kimberley Taylor, Senior Vice President and Chief Operating Officer of JAMS, has been elected to the IMI Board of Directors. JAMS was founded in 1979 to handle complex mediation, arbitration and other dispute resolution services and today has more than 300 fulltime neutrals. JAMS handles between 10,000 and 12,000 mediation, arbitration and other ADR cases annually.

IMI Chair Ms Ute Joas Quinn of Hess Corporation commented:

“We are delighted to welcome JAMS and Kim Taylor into the leadership of IMI, further reinforcing the IMI public benefit Mission for sharing information and materials about mediation and promoting high professional standards by convening all stakeholder groups. JAMS is an international leader in ADR and can truly help drive that Mission in the US and internationally.”

Mr. Chris Poole, JAMS president and CEO commented:

“JAMS is pleased to join IMI and partner with them to promote ADR around the world. We’re thrilled to have Kim Taylor, JAMS senior vice president and COO, serve on the IMI board and help drive their mission. JAMS has always been a leader in setting high standards for dispute resolution and we look forward to working with IMI to further that mission.”

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