Leaders’ Opinions

Mediation Remains Elusive in Public Discourse Despite Its Ubiquity

Professor Maria R. Volpe, Director of the Dispute Resolution Program and Dispute Resolution Consortium at City University of New York, discusses the Media’s confusion of Mediation with Arbitration, and how this has perpetuated the mystification of Mediation.

Professional Family Mediation Organisation launched in US

Practitioners of the Family Mediation field in the US have recently come together to form a new national professional membership organisation – the Academy of Professional Family Mediators.
“In the spirit of our continued passion for the field and with the credibility of our leadership positions, we intend to promote a professional venue where efficiency and support operate at the highest of standards…We promote quality work in our field and we intend to increase the credibility of mediation as a better option for consumers confronting family conflicts.”

Interviewer Interviewed. Parts I and II

MIchael McIlwrath, IMI Board Member and Senior Counsel, Litigation, for the GE Oil & Gas division in Florence, Italy, discusses what IMI is about and explains why GE and other companies are supporting this important initiative (article is in Italian).

Conflict: the best feedback process there is!

“Mediation is often seen as remedial process to fix a problem, and used as a last resort before grievances, disciplinaries or exit are considered. Used skilfully and with a coaching mindset it can not only restore important working relationships but also be a powerful developmental tool as well.” 

Liz Rivers, a Mediator and Executive Coach, comments on the power of combining mediation with coaching, suggesting that conflict can be a powerful opportunity for feedback.

Joint submission made to the South African Rules Board for Courts of Law in relation to the Draft Mediation Rules

The South African Rules Board recently published Draft Mediation Rules for the South African High and Magistrate’s Courts. The Dispute Settlement Accreditation Council, supported by a number of leading provider and educational bodies, considers this to be a potentially massive step in the right direction, but has identified a number of possible fatal pitfalls in the proposed Rules.

The Mediators’ Institute of Ireland, Annual Conference President’s AddressNovember 4-5, 2011

Karen Erwin, President of the MII and an IMI Certified Mediator, discusses the changing legal landscape for Mediation and presents some important statistics on the cost of disputes.

Shaped from Within – the relevance of Human Blueprints in Mediation

Annette M van Riemsdijk, Director of the New Resolution Group and an Honorary Director of IMI, discusses aspects of Social Cognitive Neuroscience and “Othering”, and the relevance of these approaches to Mediation Practise.

Standing on the Shoulders of Giants: Artistry, Expertise, and Professionalism in Mediation and the Role of Higher Education

Professor Zariski examines what it takes to be a good mediator. He suggests that mediators should strive for artistry in their work which is the result of “reflection in action”. He surveys the fields of knowledge drawn upon by some of the “giants” in the mediation field. These examples help us to recognize the breadth of knowledge necessary for artistry in practice which should become the new professional standard. He proposes that this knowledge can be academically taught and assessed.

Lawyers’ Resistance to Mediation

Not all lawyers resist mediation, but some certainly do, and the reasons are complex. Professor Don Peters, Professor of Law and Director Emeritus, Institute for Dispute Resolution, Frederic G. Levin College of Law at the University of Florida, made an extensive international study of the subject in 2010.  His