The GPC Enters Its Final Stages

The Global Pound Conference is now kicking into high gear, with events scheduled in 16 cities between now and the conclusion on 6 July 2017 in London.

At a time when advances in technology and science are calling into question and pushing the boundaries of all forms of human endeavor, the world’s domestic and international adjudicative systems have remained, for the most part, rooted in practices developed centuries ago.

The GPC is convening thought-leaders around the world from all stakeholder groups in commercial dispute resolution – judges, arbitrators, mediators, dispute resolution institutions, company counsel, lawyers, and academics – and asking the most fundamental questions:  what works, what doesn’t, what needs to change, and who should lead the changes?

The events are unlike any traditional “conference” where panels give prepared presentations and interaction is limited to taking questions from the audience. Instead, GPC events take full advantage of having different stakeholders in a room together, requiring delegates (audience members and panels) to engage in deep discussions of issues critical to the delivery of civil justice.

In many locations, it is a unique experience for stakeholders to exchange views. Judges and in-house lawyers not only get to hear directly from each other about their likes and dislikes of domestic justice, and what they feel needs to change, but they can compare the