Spontaneous GPC Voting Events Are Taking Place In India

Spontaneous GPC voting events have been popping up in India, just days before voting is set to close. As soon as online voting opened up to the public, organisers in India set up ‘voting clinics’ to help people to vote.

This is giving a significant boost to the global voting data, only days before the deadline on the 31 July. Today 30 people attended the clinic to vote, adding their voice to the global data on dispute resolution.

After the final GPC event took place in London earlier this month, marking the end of 29 successful events across the globe, online voting was opened up to everyone. Pop up voting clinics like these, embody the spirit of the GPC – access to justice, community and being part of the global conversation.

Voting in the GPC Series is now open to everyone online until 31 July, to enable anyone who was unable to attend one of the GPC events to still be part of this pioneering global project and to have their voices heard.

To vote, please click here. For more information please visit the GPC website. Please share the link with your colleagues and friends, to enable all to be part of the global conversation.

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