Johannes P. Willheim CDRC 2018 Keynote: The Future of Dispute Professionals

Johannes P. Willheim, internationally trained disputes lawyer, mediator and professional negotiator, opened up this year’s Consensual Dispute Resolution Competition (CDRC) in Vienna with a keynote on the Future of Dispute Resolution Professionals. Watch it here.

In this keynote, Johannes shares three predictions regarding the future of dispute professionals:

  1. The emergence of two types of dispute professionals: traditional (process) experts and dispute managers;
  2. A revolution of the education and continued training; and,
  3. The use of technology complementing, not replacing professionals.

Johannes P. Willheim is an internationally trained disputes lawyer, mediator and professional negotiator. He is a partner of the Global Disputes Practice of Jones Day which provides him with the opportunity to advise clients around the globe in how to best prevent, manage and resolve disputes and, if need be, to represent and defend their interests in formal proceedings. In addition to his work in private practice, Johannes is frequently appointed as an arbitrator and independent expert in DIS, ICC, VIAC, and other institutional as well as ad hoc arbitration proceedings. He also assists parties in the consensual resolution of business disputes either as mediator or professional negotiator. Johannes is dedicated to developing and applying a holistic and systematic approach to disputes management. His approach is based on the presumption that disputes are a normal part of any business. As a consequence, effective and efficient prevention, management and resolution of disputes requires not only actual dispute resolution tools and processes but a more general body of disputes management know-how and tools focused on the development of standardized and individual solutions for managing disputes. Assisting clients in the development of such solutions has become an important part of Johannes’ work. Johannes has published extensively on various subjects relating to disputes resolution. He lectures on international arbitration in leading academic programs around the globe and is a frequent speaker at legal and industry conferences.

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