Day One Of The NLIU-INADR ILSMT: Rediscovering Mediation

The 7th edition of the International Law School Mediation Tournament (ILSMT), 2018, was organised by the National Law Institute University (NLIU) with the support of the International Academy of Dispute Resolution (INADR). Eager participants and professional judges from across the globe gathered in Bhopal to kick-start this endeavour and take mediation to a whole new level.

The judges were welcomed with a trip to the Bhimbetka caves, symbolising India’s rich heritage. The participants were then ushered in with relevant preparatory materials and a guide to the tournament. The judges and participants were able to get a taste of the exquisite Bhopal cuisine and sample scrumptious treats from the best local Bhopal eateries.

The Vice Chancellor of NLIU inaugurated the tournament along with the Honourable Justice G. Raghuram, the current Director of the National Judicial Academy of Bhopal;