Event: Cultural Property and the Settlement of International Disputes

The International Mediation Institute are proud to be collaborating organisation for an upcoming conference organised by the Florence International Mediation Chamber (FIMC). Covering cultural diplomacy, the means for settlement of international cultural property disputes, stakeholder experiences, and the return of cultural property, it promises to be a truly fascinating event.

“Cultural Property: What Means for the Settlement of International Disputes?”

Date: 25 October, 09:00-18:00
Venue: Piazza Mentana, 1, Firenze (Florence)
Cost: Free of charge
Language: English and Italian (simultaneous translation)
Registration form: https://docs.google.com/forms/d/e/1FAIpQLSfSEfgbKg9jif4blHtyVFM8vnzLHI5nI8Np919HfraG98L-2A/viewform

FIMC are an IMI Supporting Organisation, with all panellists required to be IMI Certified. They hosted the 2015 IMI Board meeting, and were organisers of the IMI Global Pound Conference event staged in Italy. Learn more about them here: http://www.fimcmediation.com/

Laura Skillen

Posted by Laura Skillen

Laura is part-time Executive Director at IMI. She is also a full-time PhD Researcher in International Relations at the University of Kent in Brussels, where she investigates 'how blame makes villains in politics', encompassing work on rhetoric, emotions, and polarisation.

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