Event: Mediating in a multilateral world

Free online session for IMI Certified and Qualified Mediators/Advocates and YMI members, brought to you through a collaboration between the United Nations Knowledge & Learning Commons, IMI Certified Mediator and Ethics Committee member Ken Cloke, the International Mediation Institute, the Swiss Chamber of Commercial Mediation, and the Swiss Center for Affective Sciences at UNIGE.

Is there a way to learn and collaborate when mediating and resolving conflicts? How can we discuss diverse views, in ways that allow us to increase our empathy and jointly solve problems? In this session, experienced mediator and author Ken Cloke will address these issues as he guides participants through concepts from his own experience and his books. In particular, the session will take a closer look at conflict and different responses to conflict, the role of communication and listening, conflict resolution approaches (including in the workplace or in mediation settings), and how we can learn from conflict and encourage dialogue.

The session will also include insights from Dr. Olga Klimecki, who’ll share developments on research into the role of emotions in conflict resolution. You’ll have the chance to ask your questions and share your insights in this interactive session.

The session will take place from 17:30-19:30 Geneva time on 29 April.

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  1. ...Uwala Esther Murphy-Akpieyi

    Hello,l like to participate in the event,mediating in a multilateral world.l am an accredited mediator an neutral of the lagos multidoor court and the lagos court of Arbitration and ADR centre.l am also an accredited member and training facilitator of the standing conference of mediation Advocates.l am a practicing Attoeney and Mediator. I subscribed to and have been receiving mails and information ans also participating in some lMl events since 2009 or thereabouts.It is my wish and desire to be a certified or accredited IMI mediator.kindly reveal the registration link to allow me register.Sincere regards .Uwala

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