Apology in Mediation

Earlier today, IMI Certified Mediator Blazo Nedic gave a fantastic session on the role of apology in mediation. Find the video and hand-outs below.

Blazo Nedic - Apology in Mediation

Blazo Nedic (2020), 9 Rules for Apologising

Blazo Nedic (2020), Meanings of Apology

Blazo Nedic (2020), Jet Blue apology analysis

Blazo Nedic (2020), Delivering Public Apology-IMI

Blazo Nedic (2020), Apology in Employment Disputes

Thank you so much to Blazo for an interesting and practical session!

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11 thoughts on “Apology in Mediation”

  1. Victoria Liouta

    IMI is an international well known Organisation respected by the community of mediators. The level of knowledge and expertise is enormous. This presentation lacked the above. Perhaps IMI should have examined its contents.