Apology in Mediation

Earlier today, IMI Certified Mediator Blazo Nedic gave a fantastic session on the role of apology in mediation. Find the video and hand-outs below.

Blazo Nedic (2020), 9 Rules for Apologising

Blazo Nedic (2020), Meanings of Apology

Blazo Nedic (2020), Jet Blue apology analysis

Blazo Nedic (2020), Delivering Public Apology-IMI

Blazo Nedic (2020), Apology in Employment Disputes

Thank you so much to Blazo for an interesting and practical session!

11 thoughts on “Apology in Mediation”

  1. Victoria Liouta

    IMI is an international well known Organisation respected by the community of mediators. The level of knowledge and expertise is enormous. This presentation lacked the above. Perhaps IMI should have examined its contents.

    1. Thanks for your kind words about IMI, Victoria—we are happy to have you here with us. It would be really helpful if you could perhaps drop us an email outlining what you liked and didn’t like about the presentation, and what you would like to see in future—feedback is always appreciated, and we welcome your contribution to the discussion. [email protected]

  2. First of all thank you IMI for organizing this webinar and of course to Blazo Nedic as well. I really liked this session because it is applicable to the situations we can imagine right away. Bearing in mind that there are mediators, like Blazo Nedic, with enormous experience and others-like myself with modest ones, then this sort of advice/session is really useful. Truth be told it is of greater use to me to get the core of the conflict resolution segmented and answered, like an apology-that is in the essence of so many conflicts we worked on as mediators or attorneys at law. It would be really great if experienced mediators can somehow segment their knowledge on such practical issues and produce more of these types of sessions with IMI.

  3. Petros Zourdoumis

    Those who mediate disputes very well know the power of an apology. We all gained practical knowledge and insight from a webinar very well presented by a very experienced professional and a pioneer of mediation in Europe, raising the IMI standards to new heights. Petros Zourdoumis, President of the Association of Greek Mediators

  4. Thank you for the presentation! I liked it – it was a brief, well-structured and conceptual overview of apology, which can help attendees, especially party advocates, to get a general understanding about the concept and its importance.

  5. Agnieszka Góra

    There is a skill to apology. Thank you for a very insightful and well-structured presentation. As a lawyer and a mediator I can only testify to the importance of a good apology. IMI webinar – as always – of the highest quality, provides professional and interesting content.

  6. Uwala Esther Murphy-Akpieyi

    Thank you IMI and Blazo for the fantastic, insightful presentation. whether mandatory or voluntary apology can indeed go a long way to settle a claim.

  7. Katerina Karamousalidou

    Thank you very much Blazo for the extremely useful webinar and the well-structured presentation! As a young lawyer in the adr field, I can confirm how important it is to gain such a valuable insight. Totally loved the parts of the motivation of apology and the comparison between California’s Evidence Code and Apology Act of British Columbia. Congratulations for the such an interesting presentation.

  8. Elena Ivanova

    Great thanks for wonderful, clear and inspiring presentation! It helped me to structure the issue and resolve some inner contradictions while using apologies in my mediator’s practice since 1992. It was nice to get confirmation of some of my actions I’ve considered to be risky in mediation and produced new ideas.

  9. An excellent presentation, showing the real power of apology. A true apology, sincerely meant, and well-expressed, can be really disarming. We should all try it more often.

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