Video available: Elena Koltsaki and Kelly Letsiou on Greece and the Singapore Convention

Yesterday IMI Appraisal Committee member Elena Koltsaki and Young Mediator Kalliope Letsiou spoke to webinar attendees about changes in mediation legislation in Greece in the era of the Singapore Convention, followed by a Q&A. Watch the video below, or download an event summary prepared by SIMI.

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4 thoughts on “Video available: Elena Koltsaki and Kelly Letsiou on Greece and the Singapore Convention”

  1. Victoria Liouta

    Thank you Laura for another interesting session. Questions were all very accurate, but responses vague and ambiguous by speakers. Singapore Convention has no connection with new Greek Law and its implementation in Greece has taken more time than expected in view of lack of awareness of the public, and lawyers, of mediation advantages. State has to organize better the mediation and educate the public, lawyers and new mediators’ boundaries so that they master the new profession.

  2. Great presentation from the first word to the last! Wonderful faces with great interaction with each other! Discussion, which strengthens the vision of Mediation! With all due respect I disagree with the comment of Victoria Liouta. What I felt from my side, listening and observing all those who took part in this webinar, is that through the successful combination of the Singapore Convention with what is happening today in Greece regarding Mediation, an exceptional impetus was given from Greece to the whole world, due to the quality of its professionals and academics who presented this in a unique way: decent and at the same time humble. In this way, the effort of our country in this area gets a greater voice and impact. As one of the Greek Mediators, who believe in this wonderful institution as a legal tool with a Human character, I thank all who contributed to this great work!

  3. Petros Zourdoumis-Association of Greek Mediators-President

    Excellent insight of the Greek Law and the Singapore Convention. Obviously the two are inter-related when interpretation of the relief & enforcement of SA is sought, one simply needs to read carefully the articles of the convention. Absolutely professional & cautious presentation in an area of uncharted waters. We would like to see more of this.

  4. Agnieszka Góra

    Singapore Convention is a huge step forward in popularising mediation. Thank you IMI for yet another wonderful webinar. To listen to world-wide know experts, especially dr. Koltsaki, was a true pleasure. We all have something to learn from Greece and Greek leading mediation experts. Thank you Elena and Kelly for sharing with us your knowledge and expertise in such organized and well structured way. I loved the part with the Q&A and about the current challenges. As in all countries we face more or less similar challenges, I found the answers to be extensive, trustworthy and really helpful.
    Also, Thank you SIMI for putting together a post-webinar .pdf – it is really useful and easy to folllow. Looking forward to more webinars of such excellent quality.
    Congrats again IMI!

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