Non-Violent Communication (Compassion Course Online)

The Compassion Course Online have approached IMI, suggesting that those interested in mediation may be interested in building their compassion and communication skills.

Now in its tenth year, the course, based around the practice of Non-Violent Communication, is available in 14 languages. It started on June 24, and it is still possible to join until July 8.

This remarkably effective course offers a professional, comprehensive, and truly sustainable peace & mediation education on a personal, institutional, and social level. It has proven to transcend culture and has been well received in over 115 countries and growing.

The Compassion Course empowers us to expand our level of awareness, such that pain and conflict can be transformed, and new levels of creativity can be achieved in the peace-making process. Today I am writing to find out whether you are interested in learning more about the Course or becoming part of those of us who want to increase access to the Course and promote peace on the planet.

Verena Lahousen, Director of Educational Development at NVCNVC

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