Taking mediation training online—lessons learned, insights gained

Earlier this year, IMI called for feedback from those organisations taking their mediation training online. Luke Monahan, of the Mediation Foundation of Ireland, has compiled this list of handy tips and lessons learned when delivering their IMI Certified Mediator Training Program online. We hope this proves helpful and interesting to other organisations dealing with the same challenge.

Our IMI CMTP went online in June—we had led quite a bit of live online learning with a variety of groups over the previous months using the Zoom platform in particular.  We at Mediation Foundation of Ireland just went for it and it has been a great journey for us and our participants. We wanted to share some learnings on the CMTP with our IMI colleagues:

  1. Mindset—it is vital that we challenged our ‘you can only do this training face-to-face’ mindset and instead explored how we could see ‘live online’ as a contribution. Yes, we really look forward to the day when we can safely work in person with our participants, but now, having had many months experience of live online, we will always have at least one component of the programme online.
  2. Practice, practice and then practice some more! As we constantly say to our participants on the CMTP, practice is the key—so too for facilitating online. You need to be really comfortable with the platform you use and convey that confidence and competence to your participants. For some participants we did a Zoom tech check session ahead of time so that th