First ODR-QAP Approved: Instituto de Certificação e Formação de Mediadores Lusófonos

IMI are delighted to announce that the first ODR QAP, providing the IMI Online Mediator Specialisation, has now been approved. ICFML, which also has an existing Qualifying Assessment Program and Mediation Advocacy QAP for experienced mediators and mediation advocates respectively, deliver their online mediation training and assessment in Portuguese, Spanish, and English.

Retrospective recognition is in place for this program, such that those who meet the criteria and completed the assessment from November 2019 are eligible for IMI Online Mediation Specialist status: please contact ICFML to be submitted.

IMI Online Mediators meet international standards for the delivery of mediation online, based on the work of the long-standing IMI ODR Taskforce. Learn more about the Taskforce and competency criteria.

Congratulations to ICFML, and we look forward to welcoming the first IMI Online Mediation Specialists!

Note: Those who have completed an IMI Specialisation, i.e. Online Mediation or Intercultural Competence, are not eligible to the title ‘IMI Certified’ or ‘IMI Qualified’ unless they have been separately approved as such. Unless this is the case, they are known as ‘IMI Online Mediation Specialists’ or ‘IMI Intercultural Mediation Specialists’. Those who are IMI Qualified/Certified can use the title ‘IMI Qualified/Certified Online Mediation Specialist’.

Those who are IMI Qualified or Certified pay a one-off fee of 100EUR to have the Specialisation added to their existing IMI profile; mediators who gain a Specialisation without being Qualified or Certified must pay 225EUR per year listing contribution until they are Qualified or Certified.

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