Opportunities for students and new mediators

Our friends at Mediate.com have shared the below with us, and we encourage students and new mediators to avail themselves of these exciting opportunities.


Student Paper Contest! Students are encouraged to submit their innovative papers about dispute resolution to editor@mediate.com by May 5, 2021. The author of the winning entry will receive a scholarship, besides a promotion on the mediate.com website and newsletter. The paper entry must not exceed 1,500 words.

Youth Conference

We are offering an international conference for new peacekeeping voices around the world. This two-day forum, spread across multiple time zones, will provide a forum for new voices to discuss obstacles and share suggestions for advancing the ADR field in their community. Registration is FREE and Donations are Encouraged. All proceeds will go towards the scholarship for the Paper Contest winner. Experienced mediators are encouraged to attend and listen to innovative ideas for mentoring the next generation. 

Please register here to receive log-in and follow-up information: https://www.mediate.com/YouthVoicesinADR/index.cfm 

Longer workshop descriptions are here: https://www.mediate.com/YouthVoicesinADR/pg1.cfm#workshop

Free Research Articles

Mediate.com is giving FREE access to research articles and training videos to all DR students Please fill out this form to receive your free access: https://www.mediate.com/products/pg1318.cfm  All recent grads can receive free membership, with access to multiple directories and marketing materials to help start their dispute resolution career, sign-up here: https://www.mediate.com/products/pg1317.cfm

At Mediate.com we are committed to the next generation of mediators. We hope that these initiatives will support them as they begin their peacekeeping career.

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