IMI Q2 Board Agenda

IMI’s Board of Directors meets on a quarterly basis. In an effort to improve transparency to IMI stakeholders, we make agendas publicly available, giving you some insight into what IMI is currently working on and what projects may be upcoming.

Day 1: June 15

  • User visioning: planning based on reports from mediation users as to their needs from IMI and mediators
  • Board working groups: reports from the global policy, digitalisation, inclusivity, and sustainability working groups
  • IMI events: conference, GPC

Note: This is an addition to recent all-QAP and all-Taskforce calls.

Day 2: June 16

  • Board: expiring terms
  • Operations report: certification statuses, YMI, marketing and engagement, update on QAP audits
  • IMI pathway: discussion re nomenclature of QAPs/CMTPs; consideration of pathway Qualified -> Certified
  • Financials: Treasurer’s report, financial projections, EOY reports
  • Premises
  • Recruitment

2 thoughts on “IMI Q2 Board Agenda”

  1. Rev.Dr. Daniel K. Githuthwa

    for the post about what IMI board is doing to keep members informed. your efforts are highly appreciated
    I wish to add that when meetings, new ideas/suggestions are realized notes be sent to members as well as conferences notes and any other research on mediation, the world around mediation, and if there is need for benchmarking where possible.
    Gods blessing be upon IMI membership worldwide.

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