Upcoming event: ASLA International Mediation Competition 2021

The International Mediation Institute including its Young Mediators’ Initiative are delighted to be a supporting organisation for the upcoming event, ‘ALSA International Mediation Competition 2021 (AIMC 2021)’, hosted by ALSA Brunei (Asian Law Students’ Association Brunei) and ALSA International.  The organisers anticipate this event will be of particular interest to participants from different countries and fellow respected mediators as judges and mediators of the competition.

ALSA International Mediation Competition (AIMC), which was first hosted by ALSA Malaysia in 2020, is a competition to promote the use of mediation toward the future generation of potential dispute resolvers. With AIMC, students of diverse credentials and academic capabilities will have the opportunity to be introduced to the world of mediation, gain mediation expertise, as well as hone their mediation skills. This competition also aims to promote networking amongst ALSA members as well as law students and wide effectively allowing the exchange of views, ideals and varying schools of thought.

  • When: 23 – 25 July 2021.
  • Venue: Zoom Application (Virtual Competition)
  • Registration link: http://aimc.alsainternational.org
  • Event website: http://aimc.alsainternational.org ; Instagram: @alsa_aimc // Facebook: @alsainternationalmediationcompetition

Inclusivity statement from the organisers: ALSA, to begin with, is an association for Asian law students who come from different backgrounds and cultures. Further, this competition is open to law students internationally, not only limited to the Asian universities. As a matter of fact, AIMC 2020 that was hosted by ALSA Malaysia last year, was participated by students from the USA, Russia, UK and Australia, aside from the Asian students. We are also currently looking for sponsors, partners and mediators internationally from various countries with different backgrounds and cultures.

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