Upcoming Event – 2021 International Mediation Awareness Week

IMI is happy to be supporting the Mediator Network in raising the profile of mediation globally by delivering events and promotional activities throughout International Mediation Awareness Week 2021 (8-12 November 2021) and beyond. We are encouraging our mediators to get involved and there are a number of ways in which you can do this. We are looking to fill as many slots over the week as possible across the various regions (as well as looking for volunteers to help run the events which take place by Zoom).

This event is perfect for newly qualified and seasoned practitioners alike. Please take a look at the www.imaw.org website and complete the online Expression of Interest form. The Mediator Network team will be delighted to talk through how you can take part and support the week. It is a great profile raising opportunity locally, as globally as well.

2 thoughts on “Upcoming Event – 2021 International Mediation Awareness Week”

  1. Que, bueno utilizar este canal también, ahora, de moda en el Planeta Tierra. Me gustaria hacer funcionar los otros estilos o métodos de arribar a la solución de un determinado conflicto (problema), por ejemplo, el circular- narrativo u otro; ya que, se parecen mucho con la Conciliación. Dejemos un poco si quiera a modelo norteamericano (refer. Al Harvard), en específico. Con ello no es q estemos en contra de todo lo q tiene origen EE.UU, incluso el q propongo es noerteam. La internacionalización de los MARC’s es bastante bueno y económica.

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