Event invitation: Mundi Mediatores Pre-Launch, 30 June

Invitation to Pre-Launch Events: Shaping the Future of Global Commercial Mediation Services

Did you know that users reported that their level of comfort to use mediation would increase further if they knew how to find a competent and trustworthy mediator? Wouldn’t it be great to have a bespoke mediator matching service – tailor-made to fit the users’ needs, without all the costs and limitations associated with institutional mediation?

We cordially invite you to attend the second edition of the Mundi Mediatores peer consultation and pre-launch to discuss this initiative that aims to transform the way corporate users and their legal counsel can access and work with highly skilled mediators across borders.  

Date & Time:
Friday, 30 June 2023 |
  9-10 AM CEST and 5:50-6.30 PM CEST

Online (Zoom)

The series of events, organized in partnership with the International Mediation Institute (IMI), are a soft launch of Mundi Mediatores, an initiative to assist sophisticated commercial parties in finding the most appropriate mediators for each case, based on the specific procedural and subject-matter related needs of the disputants, and building upon the standards of excellence set by IMI.  The series of events are open to all mediators (whether or not IMI certified or qualified at this stage) and all users and stakeholders involved in dispute resolution or prevention.

These follow-up meetings are organised upon the request to accommodate all time zones and to further discuss the initiative, based on received feedback.

Please save the date for the official launch of the initiative on 27 September 2023 in Amsterdam and online.

Why Mundi Mediatores?

The most recent SIDRA International Dispute Resolution Survey Report shows that mediation stakeholders are seeking diversity in the person of the mediator and users are also seeking diversity of mediation practice models.

Besides experience and ethical conduct of the mediator, users view industry/issue-specific knowledge or subject matter expertise of mediators as very important (89%). However, only 56% are satisfied with their mediator in this respect. In the mediator community there are discussions whether the mediator’s expertise should be just on the process or also subject matter related. Many users are requesting, but missing, diversity and subject matter expertise. This is a missed opportunity because mediation is a user-driven process where party-autonomy and empowerment are well-established guidelines.

The IMI’s worldwide mediator certification scheme recognises that mediators approach their practice in diverse ways. Mundi Mediatores will connect users with diversity in the choice of mediators as well as mediation practice models and subject-matter expertise.

Please see below snapshots of our wonderfully interactive 10 May hybrid meeting.

Thank you to all who attended!

We are inspired and motivated by the great interest showed and look forward to further discussions.

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