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Category 2: ACDS
Mediation Locations
South Africa
Mediation languages
Current position and background
I was professor of law at Stellenbosch University until 1997, when I left the university to practice full-time as a labour law and industrial relations specialist. I am currently extraordinary professor at the Graduate School of Business of Stellenbosch University where I teach negotiation, mediation, and aspects of management law on the MBA and executive education programmes, as well as director of the school's Africa Centre for Dispute Settlement. I also teach on the MA and executive negotiation programme at the GSB of the University of Cape Town

I am a director of companies and am involved in private practice in the areas of employment law, employment relations, negotiation, mediation and conflict management generally.

I have been involved in dispute resolution as mediator and arbitrator since the 1980’s.
Main mediation practice areas
Civil & commercial; workplace dispute resolution
Mediation experience
I have mediated since 1986, having been trained originally by the Independent Mediation Services of SA (IMSSA). My experience was originally limited to labour disputes but since 2003 I have increasingly become involved in civil mediation. I completed an ADR Group mediator course in February 2008 and am accredited with them.
Description of mediation style
Mostly facilitative, but I prefer to adapt the style to the dispute at hand
Code of professional conduct
IMI Code of Professional Conduct
Code of Conduct of the Africa Centre for Dispute Settlement (ACDS)
Complaint process
IMI Professional Conduct Assessment Process
The ACDS complaints procedure
Professional indemnity insurance
Stalker Hutchison Admiral, R 1,000,000 per claim
Feedback Digest
Reviewer: Dr Fletcher John ( jj.fletch@o2.co.uk )
Latest Update: 2010-01-29 14:41:02

This Feedback Digest is based on 5 written feedbacks submitted between October 2009 and January 2010 and approximately 15 verbal feedbacks over the last three years relating to more than fifty mediations.

Parties commented that Barney’s mediation style is marked by genuine warmth, concern for the parties and an ability to help them see the need to challenge their preconceptions in order to benefit from the developing settlement. They felt that he was a very straight forward man to deal with and that despite his academic background, Barney’s years in the private and employment sectors had provided him with a realistic and down-to-earth approach to mediation aimed at recognising and giving effect to the commercial realities of each case.

Without exception, all persons who provided feedback shared the view that he is a highly talented mediator, whose work is hallmarked by diligent and extensive preparation, an encyclopaedic knowledge of his field and a real ability to deal with human beings in a dignified and productive manner.

Some of the comments made by parties were that Professor Jordaan “has a ‘rare quality of quiet gravitas, which is tempered by a natural humour, humility and empathy for his fellow man. One person said that "He is able to rapidly and seemingly effortlessly inspire trust and confidence amongst a wide range of people."Another commented that “Barney Jordaan has a light touch, wisdom and a canny ability to facilitate calm, thereby increasing understanding. "

And finally, feedback on Barney’s mediation of the dispute between heads of three corporate divisions at Pioneer Foods Group Limited carried out in September 2009: “The intervention by Prof Jordaan was very positively experienced by all parties involved. He succeeded in understanding and pinpointing the very reasons for the conflict very quickly. Not only were the more general issues leading to the conflict - ineffective communication and lack of trust - addressed, but also the sensitive issues, which, if not openly and properly addressed and debated, had the potential for future conflict and specifically lack of trust.

Professional affiliations
International Bar Association
Accredited mediator with ADR Group
Fee rate
On application
Contact details for references/recommendations
Available please contact me at barney@masconsulting.co.za for up-to-date references
Mediation education and training
Trained as mediator and arbitrator, IMSSA
Trained as civil and commercial mediator, ADR Group
Mediation teaching and mentoring
I teach negotiation and mediation at the Graduate Schools of Business of Stellenbosch and Cape Town Universities. I also co-train on the ACDS mediator certification programme with dr John Fletcher of ADR Group
Mediation publications
Several in the area of employment law


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