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Bill Marsh is one of the UK’s most experienced commercial mediators. Involved full-time in mediation since 1991, and independently rated by Chambers Directory as “…one of the greats…”, he has successfully mediated a wide cross-section of commercial disputes. International recognition has led Bill to be featured at the top of the most highly regarded individuals in the World list in The International Who’s Who of Commercial Mediation 2014.

Bill is a full-time commercial mediator, based in London, England, and operating both in the UK and internationally. His mediation practice has included disputes and parties from numerous countries including UK, Ireland, France, Switzerland, Belgium, Spain, Italy, Greece, Lebanon, Tunisia, Nigeria, Ghana, USA, Canada, Australia, Japan, China, Russia, Ukraine, Uzbekistan, Bahrain, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, Egypt and South Africa. Parties have included individuals, private companies and firms, public companies, public bodies/authorities, and national governments. His mediations cover a broad cross-section of commercial disputes, and range from relatively modest to multi-billion pound in value.

He is a founder member of Independent Mediators, Europe's leading private chambers of full-time commercial mediators.

He has been at the forefront of commercial mediation in the UK since its inception.

Bill is also founder and Director of Conflict Management International (CMI), through which he has served as mediation adviser to the governments of Russia, Romania, Slovakia, Bulgaria and Turkey, and to institutions such as the International Finance Corporation/World Bank Group, European Commission, and United Nations.

Bill also trains and presents widely on mediation and on wider conflict issues.

Bill also works on complex religious and political conflicts, and is a peace envoy for the Archbishop of Canterbury.

Bill was formerly a founding director of CEDR in London, for 11 years. Prior to that, he was a corporate lawyer in private practice in the UK and Paris.
Main mediation practice areas
Bill's mediation practice covers a wide range of areas, and over the last 24 years he has mediated disputes in almost every area of law and business.

Parties tend to be private and public corporations, local and national governments, professional firms, public authorities and individuals.

Examples of the fields covered include: Banking, commercial contract cases, commercial fraud, company/shareholders, construction and Engineering, employment, IT, Insurance/reinsurance, intellectual Property, national and local government, medical negligence, partnerships, pensions, personal injury, political, product liability, professional negligence, regulatory, shipping, sport.

Business sectors involved include: Aerospace, Engineering, Agriculture, Airports, Automotive, Biotechnology & Pharmaceuticals Business (& Consumer) Services, Clothing & Fashion, Communications, Construction, Creative & Media, Defence & Military, Education & Training, Electronics, Engineering, Environment, Financial Services, Food & Drink, Games, Healthcare & Medical, Information Communication Technology, Insurance and Reinsurance, Legal Services, Leisure & Tourism, Marine, Mechanical & Electrical Engineering, Mining, Oil & Gas, Ports & Logistics, Power, Public-Private Partnerships, Railways, Research & Development, Science & Technology, Security, Sports & Leisure Infrastructure, Telecommunications, Water & Other Utilities
Mediation experience
Bill has worked full-time in the mediation field for the last 24 years. As a professional mediator he mediates disputes every week, covering almost every area of law and practice. Parties tend to be private and public corporations, local and national governments, professional firms, public authorities and individuals.

He has mediated throughout the UK and is also well known as an international mediator. He has mediated disputes from some 50 countries, with parties including governments, state-owned/controlled corporations, and international businesses from North America, Europe, Russia/CIS, South and South East Asia, Africa, Caribbean, Pacific Rim and Australasia. His mediation experience covers a wide range of international commercial issues, including major infra-structure projects, oil and gas/energy, construction and engineering, IT, banking, competition/anti-trust, shareholder and joint venture disputes, intellectual property, insurance and others.
Description of mediation style
The clearest indication of Bill's mediation style can be gleaned from his feedback digest on this site. Relaxed in his manner, he is quick to build trust and engage with all those involved, and regards this is indispensable to mediating effectively. He seeks to manage the process proactively, and encourage frank and candid discussions. He will focus on pragmatic solutions, but always respecting that the ultimate choices lie with the parties themselves. He is regarded as respectful and sensitive to the personal issues whilst being incisive and insightful on the commercial ones.
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Feedback Digest
Reviewer: Douglas David ( david.douglas@independentmediators.co.uk )
Latest Update: 2015-03-16 04:25:39

This Feedback Digest is based on more than 21 feedbacks from mediations, initially submitted in September 2009.

Bill is consistently rated by independent market research in the top category of UK commercial mediators. That research refers to him as “one of the greats”, and “strongly recommended for major commercial mediations”.

Bill is said to be “charming, well informed and easy to deal with”. “He is right at the top of his game, is extremely patient and hard working and pushes both sides very hard” in a manner that does not cause upset. He has a “lighter touch” than other mediators but “remains focussed on the real issues in the dispute and where a compromise may be needed”.

Clients regard him as “a superb mediator”: he has “obvious intelligence” and an ability to remain “calm and in control in a crisis”. Clients applaud his ability to “identify and deal with the real points in contention and to defuse them”, and assert that he “brings a practicality to a problem and creates an atmosphere where clients trust him implicitly”.

Clients note that he is “skilful, tenacious” and “very analytical”, demonstrating a professional and commercial manner. “He listens and encourages in equal measure” and very quickly grasps the position of both sides to a dispute and helps them to find a way to settlement.

Clients report in particular on the following:
- His effectiveness – “I do not believe that a settlement would have been achieved without your skilful, persistent and patient intervention” and “I am certain we would not have got there without your very significant contribution”.
- His commitment to the process – clients often refer to his “professionalism”, and the fact that he never gives up. “Your tenacity was much appreciated and was a major contributory factor in resolving the matter”. There are frequent references to his being “very well-prepared” and “on top of the issues”, with “meticulous preparation and attention to detail”.
- His ability to handle volatile and intense disputes effectively – Clients are “particularly impressed by his ability to handle high emotions”. He is “known for doing remarkable things with extremely tough cases”, is “known to get results”, and noted for his “patience and flexibility”
- His diplomacy, judgment and skillfulness – “Very skilful and highly focused shuttle diplomacy”, “skilful handling”
- His ability to test parties robustly where necessary, without alienating them, is remarked on. Clients note his “excellent risk analysis and reality-testing” skills. Clients refer to his “robustness”, and “lawyers praise his ability to sustain dialogue, bring people together, and challenge parties without embarrassing them”
- His process management skills are also noted – a “firm and assertive” approach, and a “strong ability to keep things moving”, whilst remaining “sensitive” to parties needs and tolerances, and “dealing with everyone fairly”.
- His effective combination of a strongly commercial approach - “commercial flair” is a phrase clients use - together with “an assured reading of the law”.
- His experience – “very experienced, and it showed”.
- Linked with this, clients also note his relaxed manner – He is “calm and confident”, and “a pleasure to work with”.

Perhaps above all, clients consistently note the high levels of trust which Bill engenders amongst clients (“firm, calm, courteous and trustworthy”), and through this his ability to create a foundation on which serious negotiations can take place.

His is also regarded as a pleasure to work with - “an engaging personality”, “an extremely clever and engaging mediator who builds up a good rapport with the parties”, and “charming, sensible and realistic”.

Comments in italics are all direct quotes from clients or independent market research.

Professional affiliations
Independent Mediators - www.independentmediators.co.uk
International Academy of Mediators - Distinguished Fellow
CPR Panel of Distinguished Mediators
ICC Mediator
CEDR-accredited mediator
Mediation teaching and mentoring
Bill has trained literally thousands of people in mediation and mediation skills, both to basic and advanced levels. As a founder trainer at CEDR, he helped develop their mediation training course.

Since then he has gone on to develop his own bespoke courses and train extensively on the international circuit, including in UK, Belgium, Netherlands, France, Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Slovenia, Hungary, Slovakia, Romania, Bulgaria, Russia, Hong Kong, Australia, and the US. He has also trained mediators for ICC in Paris. He has delivered mediation training for mediators, judges, lawyers, business people, and government officials.

He is a regular speaker at international mediation conferences and events.

Mediation publications
"The ADR Practice Guide - Commercial Dispute Resolution" - published by Tottel (UK), 3rd edition 2007
Contributing author of "Mediators on Mediation" - published Tottel (UK), 2005
Numerous articles.

Editor, Mediation World.
Contributing Editor, Kluwer Mediation Blog.


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