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Claude Amar
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Claude Amar has created Mediation & Resolution, the first mediators chamber in Continental Europe where he has developed new dispute prevention & resolution techniques.

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IMI Certified Mediator
Belgium, France, Hong Kong, India, Israel, Luxembourg, Singapore, Switzerland, Thailand, United Kingdom
Commercial, Construction, Energy, Environment, International, Mergers
English, French
Evaluative, Facilitative
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Mediation Profile

Registered Architect, Ecole Nationale Supérieure des Beaux-Arts, Paris

Post-graduate in Finance, INSEAD, Fontainebleau 

Managing partner, Mediation & Resolution. Claude Amar et Garance Goujard have created the first mediators chamber in Continental Europe

Managing director, AML Luxembourg (Real estate portfolio management)

IAM (International Academy of Mediators), Board of Governors

IFCM (Institut Français de Certification des Médiateurs), Paris - President

Académie de la Médiation, Paris - President


Mediator or prevention counsel in more than 1,000 disputes, multi-party or not, in commercial areas, including international real estate, hotels, project development, nuclear and art (looted art)

Understanding and intervening as a mediator in conflicts of a religious and cultural nature

Appointed regularly by the Courts of Appeal and Judicial Courts of Paris, Lyon, Nanterre, Créteil and Bobigny, as well as the Commercial Courts of Nanterre and Bobigny

Instinctive, with a natural presence. Calm and perseverance. Humor and optimism

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Claude Amar has more than 30 years of experience in the development, construction and operation of international real estate and hotel projects. However, he is at ease in mediation in all areas, specialized or not, cross-border or domestic. He has developed a successful practice in commercial mediation since 2002 and regularly acts as a mediator for disputes between partners, between companies, or cultural.

Icône de validation par la communauté



IAM (International Academy of Mediators), Distinguished Fellow

IMI (International Mediation Institute)

SIMI (Singapore International Mediation Institute)

SIMC (Singapore International Mediation Centre)

HKIAC (Hong Kong International Arbitration Centre)

JIMC (Japan International Mediation Center)

ICC (International Chamber of Commerce) France, Paris

EAM (Espace d'Accès à la Médiation)

Ordre des Architectes

Sylvie Adijès

Training and Education

2002: Center for Mediation in Law, San Francisco
2003: Médiation & Caucus, Serge Roy, CMAP
2004 & 2006: Harvard Program on Negotiation, Harvard Law School
2004: Analyse transactionnelle, CMAP
2006: Mediation Advanced Workshop, WIPO Geneva, Gary Friedman & Robert Mnookin
2009: Advanced Mediation Workshop, CMAP, Gary Friedman
2013: Mediation & Mind mapping, EFH
2014: Self Reflexion for Conflict Professionals, Gary Friedman
2015: Gestion des émotions pour professionnels du conflit, Gary Friedman
2016: "Trust and Fear", gestion des émotions pour professionnels du conflit, Gary Friedman

DU Mediation, Université du Mans, France

International Mediation Campus

DU Mediation, Université Chambéry-Mont Blanc, France

WMMP (Worldwide Mediation Mentorship Program), President

Practice analyses, focus groups, role plays


Véronique Fraser - Claude Amar : Deal Mediation

Isn't prevention the best method of conflict resolution?

The practice of "deal mediation", which capitalizes on the expertise of mediators to help the parties reach the best possible agreement, should become a method of the future.

Negotiations traditionally take place between parties, without the intervention of a neutral third party. Several difficulties can then hinder their success or, at the very least, not allow an optimal agreement to be reached.

Many problems could be avoided if a mediator were present from the beginning of the discussion of a commercial agreement. The "deal mediation" is a facilitated negotiation with the help of a neutral third party, in the field of commercial transactions where no dispute has emerged. The "deal mediator" can intervene at two levels to improve the negotiation process between the parties. Firstly, he will ensure, as far as possible and respecting the principle of self-determination of the parties, that they reach an agreement. Second, it will work to ensure that the agreement, whatever it may be, carries the highest possible value for each party; that is, that each party receives the maximum possible benefit.

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Véronique Fraser - Claude Amar - Cécile Maitre-Ferri : GREAT Process

GREAT Process: Guaranteed Resolution on Effective and Adapted Terms
How to combine the resolution of a dispute on a certain date with the search for a flexible and creative solution?

The GREAT Process allows companies to manage their important disputes by combining the best of both worlds.

The process allows for complete flexibility and creativity, giving companies the opportunity to resolve disputes in the most appropriate manner in relation to their needs and resources, the expertise required and the uniqueness of the situation.

Most importantly, it is a process that is designed to provide an effective and enforceable resolution by a date certain, set in advance of the process, thereby assuring companies that their dispute will not impede their current and future projects.

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Claude Amar
Mediation & Resolution
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