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D. K.
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A qualified lawyer with experience in dispute resolution (commercial, government, tax, civil, administrative, insolvency, and criminal) and transactions (financing, M&A, infrastructure, renewable, and real estate). Korea's first IMI Certified Mediator and Mediation Advocate.

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Iram Majid
Distinguished and Renowned Korean Mediation Lawyer by Iram Majid, 18 Jan 2023 This Feedback Digest is based on 10 feedbacks from 6 mediations. Mr. Kim is been a seasoned professional rated and recommended by parties for whom he acted as a mediator. The parties have expressed a very high degree of satisfaction and recommended him to others as well.
Mr. Kim is said to combine the best of his legal and business mind to cater to the interest of parties in the best possible manner and provide them with an amicable way out. He can untangle complex issues and meticulously present them before the parties. Mr. Kim’s years of experience have given him extensive knowledge of the commercial, financial and transactional industry, combined with his expertise and in-depth knowledge of commercial laws, he gives a range of constructive ideas to tailor make a win-win platform for the parties.
Time and again the parties have appreciated his fair and impartial approach, coupled with his organizational skills and eye for detail. The ability to outline a viable path during the early stage, and lead to a mutually-acceptable negotiated resolution is something that the parties have highly praised about for Mr. Kim.
Most of the parties found it hard to mark any area of improvement as he already had the best practice. One of the feedbacks provided was that he can be sometimes hard to approach. One of the reviewers also said sometimes Mr. Kim understood things too fast and as an improvement sometimes he could disguise his understanding to better understand the other party’s feelings.
by Iram Majid, 21 Jul 2024
Charles H. W. Mak
An Exemplary Korean Mediation Advocate by Charles H. W. Mak, 3 Jan 2023 I recently had the pleasure of working with D.K. I could not be happier with the experience. He was professional and thorough. He has a deep understanding of Korean culture and the legal system.
by Charles H. W. Mak, 21 Jul 2024
Delcy Lagones De Anglim
A model of Korean Mediation Advocate by Delcy Lagones De Anglim, 22 Oct 2022 I write this feedback digest for D.K. after completing reading 20 feedback forms.
D.K. is a highly experienced lawyer and dispute resolution practitioner. He is a certified Mediation Advocate. As such he has worked in the area of dispute resolution even before training as a mediator.
The comments from his clients state that he is a "natural mediator", and a "born mediator".
His clients consistently use phrases like: "extremely resourceful", "capacity to identify the true interest of the parties", "Kind and understanding", "able to find innovative solutions", and "he may get some jealosy from his peers due to his talents".
He is obviously highly regarded and respected among his colleagues from the legal and financial sectors.
His experience in the financial sector assists him to understand the complexities of financial disputes.
His clients and colleagues also speak highly of his ethics as a mediation advocate and mediator.
The majority of the feedback received from his clients and colleagues are related to his mediation advocacy cases. However, he is also highly capable of conducting mediations as an impartial third party.
D.K. uses the facilitative model of mediation most of the time but he is also trained in transformative and evaluative models of mediation.
D.K uses different tools in his mediation advocate role to bring parties together and he is not afraid of "putting the cards on the table" to ensure honesty and transparency so the parties make an informed decision.
D.K. speaks Korean and English and can work succesfully with parties from different cultures and backgrounds.
There were no negative comments about D.K.
by Delcy Lagones De Anglim, 21 Jul 2024
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