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Seema Parekh
Review by Seema Parekh, 24 Feb 2023 Ms Ross has consistently received positive feedback as an exceptional mediator who has a confident and professional approach, in-depth knowledge of the process a consistent message encouraging respectful communication, who helps parties to achieve positive outcomes in disputes that seemed impossible to resolve.
Those who experienced Ms Ross’s organizational skills and expertise said she prepares thoroughly, understands the parties’ positions and interests and explains and guides them smoothly through the process. They have stated that she knows how to set procedural rules and how to manage the parties and their legal representatives in a firm and diplomatic manner, which instils a sense of confidence in, and make parties at ease with, the mediation.
She was especially congratulated for her polite and yet firm manner, patience, commitment and her ability to use humour to break the tension and lighten the atmosphere where appropriate. Many feedback providers noted that she treated both parties impartially and balanced her friendly approach with assertiveness with great finesse, enabling her to establish a good rapport with all parties.
One of Ms Ross’s key strengths reported is that she has the acumen to understand complex commercial and legal issues whilst being able to empathise with each party. She is very adept at highlighting the issues, inviting the parties to look at them from different perspectives, as well as encouraging them to persist in finding a resolution.
A very high percentage of parties have described Ms Ross’s great skill and diplomacy in managing high-conflict participants and seasoned litigators, stating that her fair and reasonable approach to the mediation hit the right note in matters with a wide range of factual and legal disputes and emotions involved enabled a successful conclusion.
Several feedback providers were impressed with her ability to manage the mediation on Zoom, which can be a difficult task for the mediator as well as preventing interruption during submissions, which she did with a charming firmness.
She has been said to have eloquently managed to keep control of proceedings while at the same time making everyone feel comfortable, enabling them to reach the best possible outcome for both parties at the end of a very long session.
Ms Ross was frequently complimented for her persistence, tenacity, patience as well as professionalism and friendliness to help parties reach a resolution in addition to her know-how, exerted efforts, tender insistence and firm softness in defining and then breaking disputes.
In general, a very high degree of satisfaction was reported and parties commended Ms Ross for her exemplary skills as a mediator, her steadfast attitude and her strong belief in mediation. Several parties commented that they did not think a resolution was possible and that it achieved thanks to her excellent work and competence in getting complex matters resolved in often trying circumstances.
A wide range of mediation skills have emerged from feedback received in Ms Ross’s case as well as her unique skills, knowledge and extensive experience in several overseas jurisdictions and fluency in several languages, which has impressed parties and representatives alike.
Several feedback providers also mentioned that they had learned a great deal, were grateful for the experience and would not hesitate to recommend Ms Ross or appoint her in the future.
This review is on behalf of Resolution Institute.
by Seema Parekh, 25 Jun 2024
Australasian Dispute Resolution Centre
Review by Australasian Dispute Resolution Centre, 31 Mar 2020 This review is based on four interviews and a co-mediation regarding a property settlement I conducted with Ms Donna Ross in Canberra, Australia. The parties were australian residents from another country. The mediation was conducted in 2019.
Ms Ross demonstrated a profound knowledge of mediation theory which she put in practice in the co-mediation we conducted. She was able to create a friendly and relaxed environment for the parties which allow them to start the mediation with ease. Ms Ross explained the mediation process and the role of the mediators clearly and succinctly. She was able to identify the points for discussion and formed an agenda that was balanced and conducive for a discussion. Ms Ross used humour in addition to open questions to assist the parties to develop empathy. The parties being from another culture presented with additional challenges which Ms Ross was able to identify. During private sessions she ensured the parties’ options for resolution took into consideration those cultural issues including legal differences between Australia and the parties’ jurisdiction. The mediation was very complex with a solid financial aspect and Ms Ross made good use of the white board to assist the parties in their discussions and understand their options. During private sessions she was able to reality test the parties’ options and develop new ones. I observed that the parties had trust in Ms Ross and asked for her non-binding opinions. Ms Ross is a good listener and ensures the parties also listen to each other. The parties reached an agreement in principle and were very thankful for Ms Ross’ assistance.
by Australasian Dispute Resolution Centre, 25 Jun 2024
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