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Dwight Golann
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I am a former civil litigator and for the past twenty years a law professor and legal mediator. I have taught mediation in the US and around the world.

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Helena Tavares Erickson
Feedback digest by Helena Tavares Erickson, 8 Jul 2018 This Feedback Digest is based on 5 feedbacks from experienced counsel covering more than 5 complex commercial matters initially submitted in August and September 2009. Prof. Golann’s raters nearly all rated his skills and abilities at a level 5 and were unanimous in their willingness and intent to use him again and recommend him to colleagues. Not all resolved their matters in the mediations, but those that did not resolve them credited Prof. Golann with the perseverance and follow- through that led to eventual settlements or commented that the matter was not resolvable in any event. Prof. Golann was viewed as thoughtful, creative, highly skilled and highly qualified and cited often for his persistence, thoughtfulness, creativity and even personality. He earned the respect of parties and counsel alike. The comments regarding Prof. Golann were uniformly positive. One attorney stated, “Professor Golann is one of the finest mediators in Boston.” Another described him as “among the two or three very best mediators in New England.” Several attorneys felt that they would not have achieved the results they did but for Prof. Golann’s skills. One noted that he crafts settlements that work and another credited him with diffusing an explosive situation and turning around a difficult situation into what eventually became a workable settlement. One attorney praised him for his ability to gain trust and to understand and communicate views in terms of personalities, national differences and expectations. All of the raters were satisfied to very satisfied with the costs of the mediation, and there were no negative comments.
MEDIATOR: Dwight Golann REVIEWER: Helena Tavares Erickson Last Update: September 8, 2009
by Helena Tavares Erickson, 17 Sep 2021

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