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Joel Lee Tye Beng
Feedback digest by Joel Lee Tye Beng, 17 Jul 2018 This feedback digest is based on 11 feedbacks from 11 mediations initially submitted in February 2009. The disputes mediated by Geoff Sharp were in relation to commercial property, contracts, leases, construction, shares and intellectual property. All respondents indicate that they are highly likely to appoint Geoff as a mediator again, and they would definitely recommend him as a mediator to others. They rate his mediation skills and abilities very highly, with one commenting that they had been involved in several mediations with Geoff and consider him to be in the top tier of mediators. Another respondent commented that ‘Geoff Sharp is the most professional and skilled mediator with whom I have been involved’, while another considers him to be their ‘mediator of choice in New Zealand’. All respondents appreciate Geoff’s positivity, energy and commitment throughout the mediation process, and his enthusiasm for finding a solution. They note his ability to read the mood of the room and adapt his techniques appropriately to suit the parties and the type of dispute. Respondents feel that he manages difficult personal dynamics in mediation with great skill. Comments indicate that he is well prepared and follows a clear process that gives all parties the opportunity to express their views. Respondents consider him to be one step ahead, with a clear view of the mediation process. They feel that he earns and maintains the respect of parties, giving them confidence in mediation. In particular, respondents find Geoff to be highly effective at generating constructive, realistic and helpful settlement options. Geoff’s understanding of the legal issues of a dispute is appreciated, as is his skill at asking questions to uncover important details, helping parties to gain understanding of what is behind the ‘face’ of the dispute. They praise his ability to ‘reality check’, to draw out important information and gently help people to face reality, through questions and where appropriate, robust discussion, without making parties feel threatened. Geoff’s continued interaction with parties during long breaks is appreciated. Feedback suggests that his extended engagement and skill with shuttle diplomacy maintains the momentum of the mediation. Participants appreciate his positive, engaging manner and his professional and diplomatic approach, which they feel puts parties at ease. All respondents are satisfied or highly satisfied with the costs of the mediation, and highly satisfied with the mediation process and result. All of the disputes were resolved as a result of the mediations. No negative feedback was received.
This feedback digest was last updated 25 November 2011.
by Joel Lee Tye Beng, 5 May 2023

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