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Ramona Buck
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Ramona Buck is a mediator, facilitator and trainer in Silver Spring, MD

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Daniel Dozier
Feedback digest by Daniel Dozier, 13 Jul 2018 This Feedback Digest for mediator Ramona Buck includes 11 mediation cases with 42 total participants (some of the mediations had 3 to 5 participants) and was initially submitted on Sunday 3rd April 2016. Ms. Buck was generally rated a “1” or a “2” on a 5 point scale with 1 being the highest possible score and 5 the lowest possible score. She scored highest on the items related to: helping the parties to express their views; clearly explaining the process; listening to the parties; helping to identify issues; creating a positive mediation environment; acting professionally; and avoiding giving legal advice. She also scored high for: not showing bias; helping the parties to understand the others’ perspectives; and helping the parties to generate options. That Ms. Buck was unanimously rated at the highest level, 1, for her listening skills is very significant expression of Ms. Buck’s mediation skills. Some participants felt that at times Ms. Buck allowed too much time for the participants to express their views and would have liked her to focus the process sooner on resolving the case. Others appreciated the chance to share. Some comments: “I sincerely believe the mediation helped us to work through our issues…” “Too much time allowed for debate rather than focused on resolution.” “Great job -- very effective facilitator,” “Thorough and detail oriented with effective communication strategies.” “This provided closure; understanding the situation.” Where agreement was reached, the participants expressed satisfaction with the agreement with an average score of 1.4 on a scale of 1 to 5, with 1 being high, and 5 being low. Many of the participants indicated they would recommend mediation to others, based on their experience. Ms. Buck received very high average scores in almost all of the survey questions; it was of particular note that in responses to two questions, Ms. Buck was rated at the highest score, 1 by all respondents. Those questions were; The mediator listened (10 responses) Average score 1.0 The mediator encouraged creativity (3 responses) Average score 1.0 From these evaluations, the parties believed that Ms. Buck allowed both sides to speak about their perspectives and views and that she does not try to focus the parties on solutions until after parties have fully expressed their views. Her style appears be facilitative and would work well with people who have a lot to say.
This feedback digest was last updated 20 April 2016.
by Daniel Dozier, 5 May 2023

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