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A leading Canadian commercial and insurance mediator with 30 years of experience and nearly 5,000 cases mediated.

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Feedback digest by IMI Support, 14 Sep 2018 Mediator: Richard J. Weiler, Ll.B., C. Med. Reviewer: William L. Neville, LL.B., C. Arb., C. Med. Reviewer’s e-mail address: [email protected] Last update: March 13, 2009 This initial Feedback Digest has been prepared to reflect 20 Feedbacks. Mr. Weiler should be understood to be a very accomplished and highly effective mediator. He has consistently been rated at Performance Level 5 (highest) by either legal counsel for parties or parties with whom he has worked as their mediator. A significant number of those who provided feedback unreservedly confirmed that they would use him again. Strengths, inter alia, that were noted were: his objective approach in helping parties identify their underlying interests and his calming presence and demeanour which served - together with his tactful approach with participants - to reduce tension and animosity between warring parties. In addition, several individuals providing feedback commented favourably on Mr. Weiler's capacity to digest and synthesize voluminous materials filed by opposing parties, - an asset revealed by the quality and depth of his opening remarks at the mediation. His preparedness and acuity were, apparently, very reassuring to all participants at the mediation and served to establish a constructive, reflective atmosphere for parties from the very outset. All of those providing feedback had participated in mediations with Mr. Weiler that resulted in comprehensive resolutions of the cases at mediation. The overwhelming majority of those attributed, in large part, the success at mediation to Mr. Weiler's creative input in generating fresh ideas and new options that might present genuine settlement possibilities and his critical effectiveness in dealing with and overcoming obstacles and impasses during the mediation that threatened to thwart a successful outcome. No reportable negative comments have arisen in respect of the feedbacks examined to date.
by IMI Support, 10 May 2023

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