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Lim Tat
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A dispute resolution practitioner based in Singapore, Tat is a Weinstein JAMS International Fellow, Co-Chair IBA Mediation Committee and Singapore Mediation Centre Board member.

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Singapore Mediation Centre (SMC)
Feedback digest by Singapore Mediation Centre (SMC), 30 Jun 2020 Latest Update 6 November 2018
This Feedback Digest is based on 10 feedback in 49 mediations, initially submitted in Jan 2016. Mr Lim has been highly rated at Levels 4 and 5 (out of 5) by lawyers and parties for whom he has acted as a mediator. Mr Lim is highly regarded for his ability to effect a positive outcome. Lawyers and parties in mediations conducted by Mr Lim noted that he is committed to the mediation process, enthusiastic and motivated to work hard to get a resolution of the dispute. Mr Lim is able to grasp issues and is able to discuss them in a straightforward and uncomplicated way. Mr Lim is able to help parties to organise their thoughts on the more important issues. At the same time, he is mindful of the non-legal issues which give rise to many disputes and is able to arrange settlements where parties are satisfied that all their issues are dealt with well. Mr Lim has a professional demeanour, and he treats the parties with fairness and respect. He also manages to develop a good rapport with both the lawyers and the parties. He would try to get the lawyers into a mediation settlement mode so that they became partners in the holistic process of mediation. Mr Lim’s mediation skills, abilities and focused discussions have definitely contributed to facilitating a settlement agreement between parties.
by Singapore Mediation Centre (SMC), 31 Jan 2023

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