On this page you will find some helpful information for individuals who have profiles on the IMI website. QAPs should see here for guidance specific to them.

Logging into the IMI website

You can login to the IMI website at www.imimediation.org/login/ using either your user name or email address, along with the password you received when your profile was set up.  You can also find a link to the login page under ‘My IMI’ in the menu at the top of the website. 

If you have any problems logging in, please first try resetting your password via www.imimediation.org/password-reset/.

You can also connect your social media to the IMI website, allowing for faster login—see below to find out how.

‘My Account’

Once you have logged in, you will notice there are additional options under the ‘My IMI’ menu.

You can click ‘My Profile’ to view your mediator profile, ‘My Documents’ to view those documents available to you—such as official IMI Certified Mediator logos—‘Support IMI’ to donate or pay your listing contribution, or ‘Account’ to view details about your IMI account.

On the main page of your ‘Account’, you can update your email address.  You will also find a series of icons down the left-hand side, below your profile picture. These are to change your password (asterix), your billing and shipping address (credit card and truck, respectively), view your past payments (shopping trolley), your current subscription payments (novel), privacy (lock), IMI mailing list opt-ins (letter), social media connections (arrow), and account deletion (bin).

Under ‘Privacy’, you have several options:

You can choose to hide your profile, so that only you (and website administrators) can see it (‘Profile Privacy’).  You can hide your profile from appearing in search results on the IMI website (‘Hide my profile from directory’). You may also be interested in IMI’s privacy policy, and/or a data access request–links to these are found at the bottom of every page on the site.

Connecting to Social Media

To connect your profile to social media, enabling faster login to the IMI site, select the ‘social media’ tab on your Account page.

Click the ‘Connect’ buttons and you will be asked to login to the relevant social media and approve the connection.  Occasionally, after you connect your social media, you may not be automatically redirected back to the social media page on IMI to check the connection has been successful.  The direct link is https://imimediation.org/account/social/.

Once connected, the social media page will look something like this:

You can then use your Facebook or LinkedIn account to log into the IMI site, rather than your user name and password.

Your Profile

Updating your Profile

It is important to keep your IMI profile current, as it is available to potential clients to view and contact you.  Additionally, search results on the ‘Find a Mediator’ page are sorted by the users who have most recently logged in.

When updating your profile, pay particular attention to ensuring you have a profile picture, and that your active locations, languages, expertise, and contact details are correct.

To upload a profile picture, firstly go to your profile.  You will see there is a little ‘gear’ icon to the right of your image.  By clicking on this, you will have the option to ‘Edit Profile’.  Select this item.

You can see that how the page looks will change, and there will be a ‘camera’ icon over where your face should be.  Click this to upload a new profile picture.

Additionally, there is a small text box below your name.  If you enter a brief sentence or two here (no special characters such as quotation marks are permitted), it will appear below your image in certain search results (e.g. on the ‘Find a Mediator’ page.

You can see there is a ‘tick’ where the gear icon was.  You can either click this tick, or scroll down to the bottom of the page and select ‘Update Profile’, to save any changes you make.

Problems updating profile

If there are issues in saving your Certified profile, check that there are no form fields with indicators next to them–make sure your website URL includes http:// or https://, and that you have selected no more than six areas of expertise. Also check whether you can add a ‘Base Location’ on your profile.

Viewing your profile

Your direct profile link takes the format https://imimediation.org/member/. You can find your link by logging in, going to your profile, and copying the URL from your address bar. If your listing has expired and you would like to renew, please follow the directions for making a contribution, and your profile will be re-activated by IMI.

Note that only Certified Mediators and/or Advocates with up-to-date listing contributions or waivers are displayed in the ‘Find a Mediator’ database.

Listing Contributions

Paying a listing contribution

Login to your IMI profile, then navigate to the ‘Support IMI‘ page at https://imimediation.org/support. Select the item, i.e. a contribution or donation, then go through check-out. Payments are currently accepted in EUR, USD, and GBP, with annual listing contributions for IMI Certified Mediators and Mediation Advocates set at 125EUR. Methods of payment available are credit card, PayPal, or bank transfer. You can read more about methods of payment and about IMI’s funding here.

Viewing past contributions

To view the contributions you have made to IMI since January 2018, navigate to https://imimediation.org/account/orders/ (all contributions), or view all current listing subscription payments at https://imimediation.org/account/subscriptions/. You can also access these options in the main menu, under ‘My IMI’>’Account’.

Changing your listing contribution currency

To change the currency associated with your listing contribution, between EUR, USD, or GBP, please do the following:

  1. Go to your ‘payment subscriptions’ page at https://imimediation.org/account/subscriptions/
  2. Check the date of your next renewal–it is suggested you switch currencies just prior to this date
  3. Cancel your existing subscription
  4. Add a new listing contribution subscription via https://imimediation.org/support/ in the currency of your choice
  5. Finish the check-out process; your subscription currency has now been changed.

Cancel listing subscription

To cancel your automatically-renewing IMI Certified Mediator or Mediation Advocate listing, please complete the following steps.

  1. Go to your ‘payment subscriptions’ page at https://imimediation.org/account/subscriptions/
  2. Cancel your existing subscription by clicking the ‘cancel’ button.

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