Global Pound Conference – What is it?

This series of conferences spanning the globe, explores and raises awareness about a whole palette of tools for the resolution of disputes among nations and businesses. These conflict resolution tools are particularly suited for resolving cross-border conflicts, most commonly between commercial entities, states and private parties.

What is meant by alternative dispute resolution?

International contracts and disputes are subject to national laws which can vary greatly from country to country as well as being dependent on the national court that is being asked to decide on an issue.  Resorting to litigation in the case of a cross-border dispute can be lengthy, costly and difficult to enforce due to differing jurisdictions.

In the case of a cross-border conflict, instead of resorting to the national courts, businesses or countries can consider alternative dispute resolution (ADR) methods such as mediation, adjudication, conciliation, arbitration or subject-specialised dispute resolution. These methodologies are often backed up by international conventions to enable enforcement.

Where did the name come from?

The inspiration for the Global Pound Conference does not in fact come from the British currency or Imperial weights, but instead relates to the name of an influential Harvard Law School dean, Roscoe Pound who promoted an interdisciplinary and