The Story Behind the GPC Series

The Global Pound Conference Series (GPC Series) is a series of conferences in different locations around the globe, which will help to shape the future direction of alternative dispute resolution tools.

Inviting input and participation from business leaders, policy makers, legal experts and academics, the conference series brings these questions and challenges to major cities around the world thus making it a truly international series of events and sparking a global conversation about the way cross-border business transactions are made.

The GPC conference series was initiated by the International Mediation Institute (IMI) a non-profit organisation which promotes quality and transparency in mediation practice. IMI is working together with law firms, institutions and other bodies to put the event together.

Shaping the Future of Dispute Resolution

Following analysis of the data collected at the 2014 pilot event, a list of further questions was compiled. These questions and related data collection will form a core of the 2016/17 GPC series. This broad-based global input will be collated and shared to inform the future direction of international dispute resolution. Bringing the stakeholders together into a series of conferences will enable a conversation on both a formal and an informal level.

Improving Access to Justice

A broad selection of tools can be implemented for cross-border dispute prevention and resolution. Finding the tool that is ideally suited to an amicable resolution of the dispute, rather than reaching for the often blunt instrument of litigation in the national courts. Access to justice is an important issue in every area of law, including the commercial context.

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