ECT Adopts Guide on Investment Mediation

The Energy Charter Conference (ECT) has given its endorsement to the Guide on Investment Mediation (CCDEC201612).

Wolf von Kumberg and Michael Cover have, on behalf of IMI, worked with the ECT Secretariat for the past 2 years, in order to assist in the development of the Mediation Guide.

The adoption of the Guide by the ECT Congress is a clear recognition by States that mediation can play an important role in ISDS. It is anticipated that parties to Investor State disputes under the ECT, will now consider mediation as a tool to resolving these disputes.

IMI, in recognition that ISDS requires additional mediator skills and knowledge, is finalising its Competency Criteria for Investor-State Mediators. This will permit for certification of appropriately trained mediators, for this important new field of mediation.

To read the article Conference endorses Guide on Investment Mediation, click here

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