Invitation to Participate in Global Pound Conference  – New York City and Mexico City

The Global Pound Conference is off and running. We promised a unique event to engage stakeholders in a modern conversation about the future of dispute management and resolution, and we delivered through the hard work of many people on the ground.

The first event was held in Singapore in March. At that time we started to collect information about what stakeholders are seeking from dispute resolution and what the future might look like. We then held an event in Lagos, Nigeria. In reviewing the information collected there, we find similarities and differences. To see the information collected in Singapore and Lagos go to the GPC Data and Reports page at

Now we are excited to offer events in Mexico City on August 25 and New York on September 12. We encourage you to attend these and all the Global Pound Conference events in North America. The speakers are first class and we anticipate a lively and thoughtful discussion of the topics. For more information go to

Thank you to all of our Sponsors for making these events a reality. A list of Sponsors and Sponsorship opportunities can be found at

In order to continue the promise, we need you to engage users of dispute management and resolution services to attend the events. Please invite your colleagues and clients.

We hope to see you at one or more of the Global Pound Conference events.

Warm regards,

Deborah Masucci
Chair of the Board 
International Mediation Institute

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