2018 CPR International Mediation Competition

The 2018 CPR International Mediation Competition will take place in São Paulo, Brazil on April 17 & 18, 2018.  It is the second year for this competition which is the only international mediation competition to take place in Latin America.   The competition is a very important tool to promote mediation with the younger generations and to train them in mediation.

Registration is now open and teams interested in participating have until December 8, 2017 to pre-register after which teams will be selected and invited to participate.   You can find further information about the competition on the CPR website at https://www.cpradr.org/strategy/international-initiatives/international-mediation-competition/2018.

Please feel free to circulate the information broadly particularly to any academic institutions which would be interested in sending teams of students.  CPR is also looking for judges so, if you are interested, please let Olivier Andre know at [email protected] .


Deb Masucci and Kim Taylor

Co Chairs of the Board of the International Mediation Institute

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