New Qualifying Assessment Program in the Czech Republic: Czech Bar Association

IMI Qualifying Assessment Programs certify mediators against the international standards established by the International Mediation Institute, and are assessed against the rigorous criteria outlined here. Today we congratulate the Czech Bar Association on their newly-approved Qualifying Assessment Program in Czechia.

About the Czech Bar Association

The Czech Bar Association is the biggest legal professional organization in the Czech Republic. It is a self-governing organization performing public administration in the area of the Legal Profession and, as such, it protects and guarantees the quality of the provision of the legal services by lawyers.

There were 11 883 active lawyers registered in the Register of Lawyers of the Czech Bar Association as of 1 January 2019.

From the Czech Bar Association’s website

The Czech Bar Association serves lawyers-advocates registered on their list. Some of these lawyers-advocates are also registered mediators, and CBA’s Qualifying Assessment Program is available to these people only, on an equal basis.

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