Free Webinar: Enforcing mediated settlement NOW in a flat world

IMI Certified Mediators David Weiss, Laura Kaster, Jennifer Brandt, and Robert Margulies will be delivering this session on Friday 8 May, at 3pm Central European Time (9am New Jersey). Read a description and register below. Check out all upcoming events at

“The Global Mediation Exchange Center (GMXC) and Laura Kaster, Jennifer Brandt, David Weiss and Robert Margulies invite you join IMI for a seminar on the groundbreaking New Jersey Statute that affords the opportunity right now to obtain Consent Awards after a mediated resolution of cross-border disputes. This is what family and small and large businesses across the globe have been demanding.

This exciting program is cosponsored by International Mediation Institute and is academically supported by the Institute for Dispute Resolution (IDR) to advance cross-border business. IMI was the leading institution in conducting the Global Pound meetings around the world that established the need for a larger role for mediation in cross-border disputes. IDR advances both policy and mediation adoption in the wider business community. The GMXC was established specifically to administer the New Jersey solution to the global quest.  This is the first in several projects between IMI and IDR on advocating mediation policy and promoting mediation in the larger cross border business community.

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