New features for mediators—mediation logbook, feedback hub, and mentorship program!

Here at IMI, we’re excited to start a new year working towards professional mediation worldwide—and to that end, we’re announcing some new features to help mediators at all stages of their career.

IMI Mediation Logbook and Feedback Hub

IMI have developed a mediation logbook and feedback hub that anybody can use—including mediators and advocates not presently affiliated with IMI. It allows you to:

  • Track your mediation experience for certification and registration purposes
  • Track your mediation learnings and reflections, enabling you to improve your practice over time
  • Track your ongoing professional development and takeaways (e.g. Continuing Professional Development and Continuing Legal Education) for registration and self-development purposes
  • Request feedback from parties
  • Receive automatic notification when parties leave feedback for you
  • View all feedback that parties have chosen to share with you
  • Enable your Reviewer to see all feedback about your performance, meaning they can easily write your Feedback Digest

The logbook is entirely online and easy to use, and will be indispensible in progressing your mediation practice. We have designed it to address several problems faced by mediators at different points in their career, particularly gathering feedback from parties and tracking hours and CPD for registration purposes.

Learn more and purchase access here. Once you have signed up, you will find the link to your logbook under ‘My IMI’ in the website menu.

Thank you to our beta users, Susan Andrews, Ferda Paksoy, Carmen Sfeir, Sameer Shah, Pierangelo Bonanno, Veronika Portesova, Felicity Steadman, Catherine Davidson, Amee Dharamshi, Diana Lokajickova, Kimutai Cherono, Alessandro Bruni, and Charles Crumpton!

IMI-YMI Mentorship Framework

The IMI-YMI Mentorship program began in 2010, and is now officially relaunched! This framework enables YMI members to access to a network of highly experienced conflict management professionals and a framework for mentoring. It supports the next generation of ADR professionals and helps YMI members to progress on their IMI Career Path to full Certification.


  • Supporting the next generation of mediation professionals
  • Empowering diverse communities of mediators
  • Closing the gap between mediation training and mediation practice by providing a gateway for newly trained mediators to access the global mediator network
  • Following and honoring the high standards and code of conduct of IMI to serve tomorrow’s mediation needs

IMI – YMI offer access to a mentoring path that includes:

  • Access to Mentorship Framework for 12 months
  • Guidance for mentees and mentors
  • Mentees (YMI members) take control of their advancement
  • YMI support to identify potential mentors (preferably IMI mediators in their region)
  • YMI follow up on a regular basis

Interested in finding a mentor to help progress your mediation career? Learn more here!

Become a Mentor

IMI invites all Certified Professionals to join the IMI-YMI Mediation Mentorship Framework as mentors and help lead the future development of quality mediation based on experience sharing and empowerment. 

Benefit from becoming a mentor and help support the next generation of ADR professionals, allowing new mediation professionals to follow in your footsteps. 

Mentoring can occur in many forms and is not bound by national borders. With technology bridging countries, cultures and other considerations, mentorships can have a cross-cultural and cross-border dimension as well as a solely online venue which are valuable to both the experienced mediator mentor and their aspiring mediator mentee. The IMI-YMI Framework does not guarantee field experience, though strongly encourages it.

Mentees are members of the Young Mediator’s Initiative (YMI) who have a minimum of 40 hours of training, adopt the IMI Code of Professional Conduct, and comply with the same rules and confidentiality obligations as IMI Certified Professionals. The IMI-YMI Mentorship Framework is set for a period or 12 months, offers a flexible structure and is actively supported by YMI. 

Please step forward and become the mentor for one of our 140 highly motivated and passionate YMI members. 

Express your interest by 

We look forward to building a more mediative world together through 2021!

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