3 thoughts on “For public feedback: Updates to IMI training program criteria to account for mediation training delivered entirely online”

  1. Emma McAndry

    I think that some asynchronous learning should be allowed. To be live online for 40 hours is very intense for all concerned. I have used asynchronous sessions with demonstration videos as well as explanations, and delegates have found this incredibly useful. They have a few hours in the morning to watch these and absorb them and then they come and join me live from lunchtime to consolidate their learnings and practice that stage of their learning. This approach has been very much complimented by a Reader In Law, who is an experienced educator.

    1. Thank you, Emma–I’ll pass along your comment. For clarification, there is nothing AGAINST asynchronous learning in the updated criteria, but there IS a requirement of 40 hours’ synchronous learning. It is surely quite tiring to do courses online, and it is for this reason that online courses would typically take place over a longer time period.

  2. Hi,
    Online courses can have a maximum of 18 students, as opposed to the in-person maximum of 30.
    I think conducting a class of max 30 online is still possible depending on the interactive activities and engagement level of the programme.

    Perhaps, IMI can look at having a 1: 24 or 2: 30 online class ratio and for online programme to consist on 30% lecture and 70% interactive components.

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