Clarifications over online training, and ‘refresher course’ concept

Earlier this year, IMI outlined clarifications over online training during the pandemic. View that post here.

During the ongoing situation, organisations with approved Certified Mediator Training Programs (CMTPs) have been permitted to take their CMTP online, on the basis there will be a face-to-face component at some point in future, and where the organisation provides a document outlining changes or adaptations they have made to their program to ensure consistent quality when moving online.

IMI are considering the future recognition of ‘always online’ training, that is, training that is delivered online as as matter of course, as opposed to just during the pandemic. To this end, we are requesting feedback from mediators who have undertaken online training (three short questions), and from organisations delivering training online. Your responses will inform IMI’s approach to online-based training in future.

We have also been asked about the concept of a ‘refresher course’. Under some circumstances, retrospective recognition is in place for CMTPs, so that people who completed the course in the same format up to a year prior to approval are still eligible to become ‘IMI Qualified Mediators’, as the first step on their IMI certification pathway. A ‘refresher course’ was raised as a way for people who had finished the course earlier than that to be eligible for recognition. We have opted against this proposal as potentially prejudicial, and are instead working on other ways for previous course graduates to become recognised as IMI Qualified Mediators. This may be through demonstration of registration in local jurisdiction, indicating ongoing learning and development, or through logbooking. We will make announcements about this as it becomes available. In the meantime, we are presently looking for people to try out IMI’s online mediation logbook. If you are interested in being a beta tester, please fill in this form.

We know recognition of online training is important to many people, and appreciate your patience as we take a considered, well-grounded and -researched approach to this issue.

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