Rising Stars: Alexa Jeremy, Joel Evans, and Susan Andrews

Mediation is an ever-evolving field, making the journey for mediators a never-ending learning process. To ensure a vibrant future for mediation, practicing mediators with advanced knowledge, skills, and experience support the next generations of mediators through the IMI-YMI Mentorship Framework. IMI-YMI have been supporting new mediators for more than ten years, and this framework focuses on empowerment through gaining mediation experience and expertise.

Mentoring can occur in many forms and is not bound by national borders. There are many newly trained mediators in parts of the world where mediation is not yet used sufficiently to enable them to gain experience. Experienced mediators can then make a huge difference and help develop mediation in those countries through connecting with a mentee online. With technologies such as video conferencing, bridging countries and cultures, mentorships can have a cross-cultural dimension, valuable to the experienced mediator mentor as well as their mentee.

I spoke to three mediators currently benefitting from the IMI-YMI Mentorship Framework: Alexa Jeremy from the Netherlands, Joel Evans from the UK, and Susan Andrews from the USA, who each began their mentoring experience in the past six months.

Who are you?

Alexa: I am accredited with the Centre for Effective Dis