New IMI Certified Mediator Training Program: ADR QUADRA a division of TIAKI s.r.l.

IMI is pleased to announce that ADR QUADRA has been approved as meeting IMI’s competency criteria required of a Certified Mediator Training Program (CMTP) to deliver training in-person and online.

Consequently, individuals who successfully complete ADR QUADRA’s CMTP will be eligible to become IMI Qualified Mediators.

ADR QUADRA also has an existing Qualifying Assessment Program (QAP) which assess highly-experienced mediators for the purposes of IMI Mediator Certification—the international gold standard for mediator certification.

View ADR QUADRA’s approved program here. Visit their website at:


At ADR QUADRA we have been running mediation courses since 2003. Actually, the activity dates back under other umbrella names to the late ‘90s at the times when ‘contemporary’ mediation started being practiced and taught throughout Europe.

In the years, we have identified the transformative approach as of particular interest and we are now one of the leading EU mediation training centers which focus on it on regular basis. Our mediation basic program reflects this approach: delegates may enjoy full coverage of all major conflict management ‘schools’, and of their background philosophy – however, a particular emphasis is put on a non-directive practice, and a sincere respect of party self-determination.

ADR QUADRA basic and advanced training is available both in-presence and online. The ADR QUADRA approved 58-hour Mediation Basic Training, in particular, has proved beautifully apt to be released entirely online.

Congratulations to ADR QUADRA!

IMI Certified Mediator Training Programs, or CMTPs, meet international competency criteria for mediation training excellence. Individuals who complete CMTPs are able to become recognised as ‘IMI Qualified Mediators’. CMTPs can be searched here.

As of June 2021, IMI decided to recognize training delivered in part or entirely online as meeting the standards required of IMI CMTPs. Therefore, the Training Criteria now applies equally to programs that deliver training in-person, in hybrid formats, and online. View IMI’s training criteria.

IMI is the only organisation in the world that transcends local jurisdictions to develop global, professional standards for mediators and advocates involved in collaborative dispute resolution and negotiation.

Interested in having your organisation’s training or assessment program appraised against IMI’s international standards? See how to Register a Program here

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