Association of Francophone International Mediation (“AFIM”) established

The Association of Francophone International Mediation (“Association Francophone Internationale de Médiation” / “AFIM”) has been established on September 13, 2022 in Geneva, Switzerland, as an evolution of the Romandie Section of the Swiss Chamber of Commercial Mediation (“SKWM/CSMC/SCCM”). The objective of the organization is to create an international network of Francophone accredited or training mediators, and to extend the successful practice of mediation breakfasts (“P’tit Déjeuner de la médiation“) to a wider audience of French-speaking mediators around the world.

The International Mediation Institute is pleased to be among the founding cooperating entities of this initiative, which has been launched in order to create a network for more opportunities for exchanges and access to continuing education programs for French-speaking mediators.

Francophone IMI Certified and Qualified Mediators, as well as members of YMI are welcome as members of the AFIM, and may benefit from a 20% reduction on its annual membership fees (with the regular pricing being: CHF 50/year for mediators, and CHF 25 for students/retirees) and its events.
There is a possibility of up to 50% reduction, if the mediator is located in a World-Bank listed low- or middle-income country).

The organisation will be offering monthly “P’tit déjeuner de la médiation” sessions. Although commercial and international mediation will remain at the center of discussions, the scope of the mediation breakfasts will be broadened to any mediator practicing in other areas and beyond Switzerland. These sessions are free of charge to all AFIM members and members of its cooperating entities.

The mediation breakfasts take place on Wednesdays from 08h15-09h30 Central European Time (CET) 

Access the sessions via the ZOOM link:

The following breakfast meetings are scheduled to take place:

  • On October 12th 2022 featuring Aloysius Goh, IMI Certified Mediator and Mediation Advocate, and founder of Sage Mediation Pte Ltd (SG), an IMI MA QAP. Mr. Goh will be speaking on “Hot Topics regarding the Singapore Convention”.  The event will take place in English, with simultaneous subtitles in French. 
  • On 02.11.2022 with Claude AMAR: “The French Institute for the Certification of Mediators (IFCM), commercial mediation in France, and the coordination of international standards for being a mediator on 4 continents – an agreement recently signed by the IFCM (FR), SIMI (SG), ICFML (PT, BR, AO, MZ, GW), AMC (MY) and IDRRMI (HK, CN). ” (IN FRENCH)
  • On 7.12.2022 with John SABET & Jeremy LACK: “The launch of the Association of Francophone International Mediation (AFIM): its goals and projects” (IN FRENCH)
  • On 11.01.2023 with Véronique FRASER: “Mixed Methods in conflict resolution: the report of the 7 working groups published by IMI” (TO BE CONFIRMED. IN FRENCH)
  • On 01.02.2023 with Ivana NINCIC OSTERLE: “The International Mediation Institute (IMI) and its Quality Assurance Scheme (IN ENGLISH)
  • On 03.01.2023 with Dominique WEBER: “Mediation 21 – The White Paper on Mediation: Quo vadis? ” (IN FRENCH)

The first opportunity for professional development offered by AFIM is the first edition in French of the ODR Foundations Training Program for Online Professionals of Conflict Resolution. This training is organized in partnership with CMAP (FR), CCIG (CH), ICODR (US), FGEM (CH), SAGE (SG) and TOOLKIT (NL).

AFIM brings together mediators from 13 collaborating entities around the world and it is hoped that that French-speaking mediators will join from Algeria, Germany, Australia, Belgium, Canada, Cameroon, Congo, Côte d’ Ivory, France, Luxembourg, Madagascar, Martinique, Morocco, Netherlands, French Polynesia, Tunisia, Rwanda, Senegal, Seychelles, Singapore, Switzerland, Vanuatu, etc.

Below you may find the statutes (Articles of Association) of AFIM as well as its objectives.

For further information, contact Jeremy Lack, AFIM co-president.

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