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Nicole Van Gelder
review by Nicole Van Gelder, 12 Dec 2017 Date: December 12th, 2017
This Feedback Digest is based on 42 mediations until November 2017, submitted on December 12th 2017
Parties for who Mr. Booij has acted as mediator have all but one consistently expressed their satisfaction about his performance. Also when the mediation did not end successfully.
His firm believe is that, if really necessary you can litigate, but it is preferably and in everybody’s interest to achieve a good result through negotiation. Also in tax related cases.
Mr. Booij is an experienced business mediator, with special expertise on tax and tax related matters. In this area negotiation / mediation is not a common way to solve disputes, yet. Accordingly, his approach to the mediation process is evaluative, one of the reasons he is selected as mediator. And which, according to the feedback he receives, fits his clients well.
His professional attitude is described as meticulous regarding the mediation process, the transparently and maintaining the equivalence between parties, which are by the nature of the conflict not equivalent.
Mr. Booij takes great care in maintaining his mediator professionalism. Among other things, he participates in two different peer groups. And he is the author of many publications.
Mr. Booij is a fervent promoter of mediation among tax accountants and judges. Recently he expanded his scope to the Dutch Authority for the Financial Markets (Autoriteit Financiele Markten – AFM) and the Dutch Central bank (De Nederlandsche Bank – DNB).
Furthermore he is currently investigating the possibility to introduce in the Netherlands a format comparable to the settlement procedure in Australia. Because in his view the Tax and Customs Administration should be easy accessible.
Also he is active as chairman of the Tribute Foundation for international tax dispute resolution (he is also one of the (co)founders). This Foundation offers in cooperation with the Permanent Court of Arbitrage in the Hague ADR to international fiscal conflicts, where the A stands for Appropriate Dispute Resolution. An extra focus of attention in this field will be the ‘original” tax payer, who might easily be “forgotten” in a dispute between states.
Reported comments/remarks:
“Thank you for your guidance throughout the process which for us was not so easy”
by Nicole Van Gelder, 17 Jan 2022

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