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Martin Hauser
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Dr. iur. (Munich, M.C.J (NYU), M.A. Mediation (Viadrina)

International Commercial Mediator, mediating online

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Adeline Guilhen
Martin Hauser feedback digest by Adeline Guilhen, 29 Jul 2021 This Feedback Digest has been updated to include 7 Feedbacks from Parties and Counsel in commercial mainly international dispute and deal mediations since March 2021.
Martin Hauser has consistently been rated at Performance Level 5 by the Parties and their Counsel for whom he has acted as a mediator.
All the Parties and Counsel, who in their vast majority had prior meditation experiences, recommend him as a mediator. A mediation with Martin is called an “excellent experience” because of his “great professionalism”: “Frankly, Martin is excellent”. “His intervention is very satisfactory”, “this mediator was perfect”.
Martin’s “extreme availability”, his thorough preparation of the Parties and their Counsel in view of the mediation process is underlined, as well as him insisting on having all the decisionmakers present during the mediation to avoid breaking the dynamics of a plenary mediation session due to limited powers of attorney of the Party representatives.
Regarding the mediation process as such, Martin is described by the Parties and their Counsel as creating a “serene and peaceful framework for discussion between the Parties”, particularly for “nonviolent communication” among them. Martin's methodical organization of the mediation, asking appropriate questions, making the Parties talk and express themselves, and his support on reformulation of the Parties’ views, clarification, and negotiation, is much appreciated. He is said to succeed in getting the Parties to change positions and thus advance towards a negotiated solution. He accompanies them until signing. Martin understands “rather complex or original situations very well” and explains the issues. He is said to find the right moment to work alone in confidence with the Parties and/or Counsel. He may also urge the Parties to speed up the mediation process and their exchanges.
Even in cases in which the mediation did not resolve the issue, the Parties and their Counsel state that “the road already traveled with Martin was not wasted time, on the contrary”, that “the Parties have made substantial progress, both sides having come a long way”, changing their positions. Counsel believe that on this basis, a solution could be found later. These medications are without exception also considered being worthwhile. In deal mediations, Parties comment that they have “learned a lot of things”, which was surprising to them given the intensity of the existing long-term relationship between them. They also emphasize having acquired good negotiation habits and non-violent communication.
Martin was designated by mediation institutions which, according to the Parties and their Counsel, are mostly considered charging the right amount for his mediations.
No reportable negative comments have arisen.
by Adeline Guilhen, 9 May 2023

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