Survey Results - How Users View the Proposal for a UN Convention on the Enforcement of Mediated Settlements

3 Dec 2014

Results of the IMI survey to assess the level of corporate user need for a UN Convention on the Recognition and Enforcement of Mediated Settlement Agreements are now published at:

ADR and Mediation in the Insurance Industry

19 Nov 2014

A conference on mediation in the insurance industry, hosted by Trust Mediation and Expedite Resolution, was held in London on 30th October 2014. 

Launch of the Singapore International Mediation Institute (SIMI)

8 Nov 2014

SIMI starts the launching of local and regional IMI affiliates responsible for education about mediation and implementation of consistent global standards for mediation practice. We look forward to the launch of similar affiliates in Africa, South America and other important regions throughout the world. 


IDR Convention Summary - The Urgent Need for Data: are the Needs of Users and the Dispute Resolution Market Misaligned?

4 Nov 2014

Blog Piece by Deborah Masucci and Michael Leathes. Are the needs of users and the dispute resolution market misaligned? Seismic tremors emanating from London's Guildhall on October 29th 2014 are set to send change-inducing shockwaves, around the international dispute resolution community.




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