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Category 2: CIArb
Mediation Locations
Turkey, Azerbaijan, Iraq, Germany, United Kingdom
Mediation languages
Current position and background
Mr. Şamil Demir, has worked as a lawyer since 1998 and is registered with the Ankara Bar Association. He has practiced as a Mediator since the year 2007 in domestic and international civil and commercial matters. He is a licensed mediator with the Turkish Ministry of Justice (MoJ) since 2013. Mr. Demir is founder and Chairman of CADR: Center for Alternative Dispute Resolution.

Mr. Demir has been selected as a National Consultant for developing training materials for basic mediation Training by Turkish MoJ and European Commission Turkish Programme Office. He worked in the Committee of the Draft Law on Mediation in Turkish MoJ. Mr. Demir is lecturer at Anadolu University Faculty of Law on "negotiation skills".

Mr. Şamil Demir graduated from the Anadolu University, Faculty of Law (LLB) in the year 1997 and from Başkent University, Institute of Social Science (LL.M) in the year 2011. He still pursues his doctorate studies (JD Candidate) in the field of civil law.
Main mediation practice areas
Mr. Şamil Demir is an international civil and commercial mediator. Main practise areas:

• General commercial
• Insurance
• Construction
• Industrial
• Intellectual Property
• Technology
• Merges and Acquisitions
• Contract
• Corporate disputes
• Real Estate
• Financial Services
• Franchising
• Sport
• Healthcare
Mediation experience
Mr. Şamil Demir is an experienced international mediator and has successfully mediated over 100 complex, multi-party, civil and commercial mediations.
Description of mediation style
Mr. Şamil Demir conducts mediation both in evaluative and in facilitative method in international disputes. But he is a facilitator in domestic disputes for legal reasons.
Code of professional conduct
• IMI Code of Professional Conduct
• The Chartered Institute of Arbitrators Code of Professional Conduct
• Turkish Mediation Board’s Model Rules Of Ethics And Practice For Turkish Mediation System (2013).
Complaint process
• IMI Professional Conduct Assessment Process
• The Chartered Institute of Arbitrators Professional Conduct Assessment Process
• Turkish Mediation Board’s Model Rules Of Ethics And Practice For Turkish Mediation System (2013) process.
Professional indemnity insurance
Ergo, 100.000 TL (It covers only legal services).
Feedback Digest
Reviewer: Mr. Ünsal Hamdi Can ( av.hamdicanunsal@gmail.com )
Latest Update: 2016-11-09 19:42:38

This Feedback Digest is based on 26 feedback in 15 mediations, initially submitted on Sunday 25th September 2016.

A high majority of parties for whom Mr. Demir acted as a mediator has consistently rated his Performance Level at 5, in other words very satisfactory. Majority of these parties also rated Mr. Demir’s mediation skills and ability at Level 5 and stated that they were satisfied his mediation skills. Many of the parties stated that they are willing to use him as a mediator in the future and a very high percentage of them would recommend Mr. Demir as a mediator. Many of the parties commented that the cost of the mediation process was satisfactory, especially when the context of the dispute is considered.

Parties who used Mr. Demir as a mediator stated that they have appointed him after Mr. Demir was suggested by a colleague and law firm while some said Mr. Demir was suggested by the opposing party, however, they would appoint him in the future if they ever decide to go mediation in the future.

The majority of the parties rated their overall satisfaction with the mediation process at Level 5, in other words, very satisfied. More than of the parties involved in mediation led by Mr. Demir mentioned that it was their first experience with the mediation process and almost all the parties said that they are willing to mention their views as a reference in Mr. Demir’s mediator profile.

Those who experienced Mr. Demir’s organizational skills in setting up, explaining and preparing for the mediation regularly reported that Mr. Demir had treated all parties fairly and impartially. They felt that he gave great importance to the confidentially of information from parties disclosed during the mediation process, and this exceeded their expectations.

A high percentage of parties has stated that they were impressed with Mr. Demir’s crowd management skills especially during the resolution of multilateral commercial disputes. Several parties commented that he had answered all questions of parties about the different aspects of the mediation process and explained the process before and throughout the process.

A high proportion of Mr. Demir’s mediations resulted in a resolution. In most cases he was mentioned as a mediator who made impartial suggestions to the parties and several parties commented that Mr. Demir has assisted them to find their own solutions without dictating a solution. Mr. Demir has been evaluated as a mediator who is capable of rapidly developing highly trusting relationships with parties and he is appreciated for being a good listener and being patient during the process. Several of the parties mentioned that he had established a good rapport with them and showed empathy to their emotional reactions and distress concerning the existing dispute. Some of the parties expressed appreciation of Mr. Demir’s move to remind them all that the information he had received during private talks with parties would remain confidential.

No reportable negative comments have arisen in the past two calendar year.

Professional affiliations
• CADR: Center for Alternative Dispute Resolution, Chairman of the Board.
• Turkish Alternative Dispute Resolution Association, President
• Chartered Institute of Arbitrators, CIArb Accredited Mediator (Mediator Member, MCIArb)
• Mediators Beyond Borders International, Member
• World Mediation Organization, Fellow
• Union of Turkish Bars Association, Member
• Ankara Bar Association, Member and former supervisory board member.
• Ankara Chamber of Industry Mediation and Arbitration Center (ASOTAUM) Member
Fee rate
$400.00 per hour. Travel time outside of Ankara billed at one half hourly rate. Also available at $5,000 for an “unlimited day”, which includes “unlimited” mediation session, all study and travel time, and reasonable expenses. Cases outside of Turkey will be billed at daily rate. All fees to be deposited two weeks in advance of mediation. Confirmed dates that are cancelled within 14 days will be billed a cancellation fee of one half of time booked. Other cancellations will pay a minimum of a $450 rescheduling fee.
Mediation education and training
• Ankara Bar Association's ADR Center (Turkey), Mediation Training (2006)
• ADR Center (Italy) International Commercial Mediators and Arbitrators Training (2007)
• ADR Center (Italy) Basic Mediation Skills Training (2008)
• ADR Center (Italy) Advanced Mediation Skills Training (2009)
• Başkent University LL.M (Turkey) on Alternative Dispute Resolution (2011)
• Union of Turkish Bars (Turkey) Mediation Training Program (2013)
• CEDR (UK) Training for Mediation Trainers (2016)
• CIArb (UK) Mediation Accreditation Course Module 1-2 (2016).
Mediation teaching and mentoring
Mr. Şamil Demir is one of the top civil and commercial mediation trainers in Turkey. He has trained and mentored 3.025 mediators. He is mediation trainer of:

• TOBB Economics and Technology University SEM & CADR: Center for Alternative Dispute Resolution
• Istanbul Bilgi University & CADR: Center for Alternative Dispute Resolution
• Union of Turkish Bars Association & Başkent University
• Anadolu University Law School
Mediation publications
Mr. Şamil Demir has published 4 books and written 11 articles published in peer-reviewed journals and is the author of the Chapter on ‘One Continent, Many Methods’ in “How to Master Commercial Mediation” published by Bloomsbury in January 2015.

See academic publications on Academia: https://independent.academia.edu/SamilDemir


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