IMI launches diversity initiative

There is a recognised lack of diversity in the mediation profession (see also forth-coming GPC North America reports). The first step in redressing this issue is collecting data, so that we know the scale of the imbalance and may plan initiatives accordingly.

To this end, from today, people with IMI profiles of any kind may optionally add ‘diversity data’ to their profile. This data can only be seen by the user and by IMI website administrators.

What data is being collected?

At launch, three types of data are being collected:

  • Gender
  • Age
  • Ethnic/racial/cultural minority and Indigenous/First Nations/Aboriginal status
Present ‘diversity data’ options. Both ethnic/racial/cultural minority status and Indigenous/First Nations/Aboriginal status, or one, or neither may be selected.

Who can see my data?

You and IMI website administrators are the only people who can view the ‘diversity data’ on your profile, and we have measures in place to prevent website hacks (see also privacy policy). However, in future, these ‘diversity categories’ may be used in search filters. For example, if someone is searching specifically for a female mediator, and somebody has said they are female, their profile would be shown in search results. I.e. people can infer that somebody has said they are female based on those search results.

Adding any of this data to your profile is optional, though it is likely to be beneficial to include if you are from a group of people who are under-represented in mediation or within