Reflections on the Past Year

With development of mediation across the world and more frequent policy considerations to increase its demand, we clearly note an enhanced interest in professional mediator quality assurance and the International Mediation Institute’s international credentialing scheme. In the past year, IMI assessed an incredible number of 41 programs. We welcomed eight new Certified Mediator Training Programs (CMTPs), as well as two Qualified Assessment Programs (QAPs), two Mediation Advocacy QAPs, and two Online QAPs.

The International Mediation Institute’s network now encompasses 60 implementing organisations, delivering 81 IMI appraised programs across the world.

IMI continues to work with mediator credentialling institutions around the world to establish an international certification for experienced professional mediators. Through these initiatives, IMI offers a trust mark of high-quality mediators and mediation training, not by requiring uniform standards, but through harmonising mechanisms, such as mediator peer and client review, and a code of professional conduct for mediators based on the overarching principles of transparency, trust, competence, confidentiality, and impartiality. Rather than unify regulatory instruments, IMI aims to offer a framework for diverse mediator certification requirements in different countries and in public and private sector service-provider organisations around the world. 

The two new Qualifying Assessment Programs (QAPs) are: 

The two new Mediation Advocacy Qualifying Assessment Programs (MA-QAPs) are: 

The two new Online Dispute Resolution Qualifying Assessment Program (ODR-QAPs) are: 

The eight new Certified Mediator Training Programs (CMTPs) are: 

Additionally, IMI approved four alterations for Online Training of already approved training programs:

In 2022, IMI welcomed 9 newly certified mediators and listed 441 newly qualified mediators. We will continue in the New Year to work with the 22 mediators who have been submitted for certification in the past year, and who have yet to complete their peer reviewed Feedback Digest and other formalities. 

The IMI Certified Mediators we welcomed in 2022 are:

Congratulations to all!

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